Start-up support

The prospecting stage, the analysis of the initiation and opportunity of abusiness in the Republic of Moldova Our experience in market research with emphasis on segment b2b, helpsus to provide consulting services to personalize the project according tothe consumer's behavior and the peculiarities of the Moldovan market.

1.Carrying out of the market research (market analysis, competitionassessment, assessment of potential customers / suppliers, consumerbehavior);
2.Organization of a business tour. It is a service for foreign investorswho come for the first time in Moldova and want to know as much aspossible details about the legislation, the tax system and the targetmarket in a very short time;
3.Supplying of legal information within the existing legislation of theRepublic of Moldova, with all new legislative changes and acts;
4.Elaboration of a feasibility study of the project in collaboration withspecialists in the field;
5.Elaboration of a business plan.

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