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Marketing researches

The quantitative results of researches are essentials in decizionalprocess of clients. An essential stage is the analysis of the results ofrespondents in collaboration with sometimes atypical consumerbehavior in many fields. Also, the numbers relating to the declaredincome of the population must collaborate with those fromconsumption and with information from market.

The main types of studies:

1.Product Testing

2.Package Testing;

3.Setting the optimal price range for consumers and competitors;

4.Segmentation of the market;

5.Omnibus (data collection through outsourcing to specializedcompanies).

Success Consulting conduct qualitatives researches about finalconsumer and business to business. Based on detailed andcreative discussions with the client, we choose and personalizethe methodology and type of qualitative research.

Areas of application:

1.Branding studies;
2.Evaluating the media channels used;
3.Packaging tests
4.Comparative studies about services and competitors';products;
5.The consumer behavior;
1.Detailed interviews
3.Blind Test;
4. Mystery shopping (employees or competitors)

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