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Strategic Plan for Socio Economic Development

The existence of a socio-economic development plan of the locality demonstrates the knowledge and understanding the steps to be taken by the locality.

It is very important to understand who is responsible for this plan, how we will ranking  the issues, what will be the principle in the ranking process, and who will establish control and ranking mechanisms.

It is hard to believe that when we have not a map of a way that we are expected to pass, we can tend to change something, because we do not know where to go, and in every year, we set new targets in the exchanging of the annual agenda.

We Propose:

Plan based on the concrete needs of locality

Plan based on the realities of the locality

Plan that will have an administrator, elected from locality and council, and who will be trained for to administrate the attracting of  investments activity and project management of the whole locality.

Plan accomplished  together and for the good of people from locality that will have sustainable effect in case of the implication of the whole locality in that process. 

The Strategic Plan for Socio Economic Development is  proposing to be an official document that will have the follow impact:

Identification of the programs and projects that need to be executed in locality
Actions, projects planning well-defined programs for a certain period of time, as a result, the reduction of risks from the implementation of these programs
Create an overview of the current situation in the locality and of the development perspectives, which it allows: Establishing the development orientation, identifying the needs and means necessary to their satisfaction, reduction the risks and controlling the obtained results
It is an informational channel of The Local Mayors' Association with potential investors (economical agents, national and international organizations).
The annual operating plans are monthly, according to SPSED 
An efficient instrument for managing local budget according with expected programs and projects
Obligation of the financial contribution of the various actors involved in the implementation of development programs and projects
Means of attracting new investments, donations, grants for projected projects
Improving the public and private  relationship 
Improving the business environment
Development and  training the human resources
 Business card  of a locality 
 Decision  transparency- By providing an optimal framework for verifying and permanently coordinating the activities carried out
Dynamic tool that can be changed as experience and knowledge gain

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