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Local Action Plan for the Environment

Local Action Plan for the Environment is the process and the strategy from environment management apply the provisions of the EU Environmental Directives, Agenda 21, the local socio-economic development plans and include the discussions of the most important issues that affect the environment.  This document envisage  economic development and  environmental aspects of protection, that represent, the notion of durable development. It is based on collaboration between institutions, economic agents, academia, NGOs and local communities with common interests in environmental issues.

Local Action Plan for the Environment want to be the document which:

Recording  the current environmental situation from locality
Creating  a  total database with environment situation
Identification the environment  issues and objectives from locality
Setting up the measures, the necessary actions for diminish pollution and for socio-economic development
Implement the  identified measures in the Environmental Action Plan for the locality
Monitoring program on the / concerning environment situation and implementation the envisage actions
To insure the collaboration and transparency between involved and interested  factors in solution environmental issues
Involvement in realization of the plan of civil society, public local authorities, NGO
Suppose the more equitable distribution of limited financial resources for envisages environmental  actions

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