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General Urban Plan is the project that is part of The Territorial Planning and Local Development Program. General Urban Plan has the  operational regulatory nature. Every locality must to draw up the General Urban Plan  to update it to 5-10 years and to approve it, this being the legal basis for the implementation of development programs and actions. 

GENERAL URBAN  PLAN has the regulation for short period of time , at the level of the whole basic administrative-territorial unit, regarding:

a) The establishment and delimitation of the urban territory in relation to the administrative territory of the locality

b) Determining how to use land in the city;

c) Functional zoning in conjunction with the organization of the traffic network;

d) The delimitation of areas affected by public obligations;

e) Modernization and development of the technical-urban infrastructure;

f) The establishment of protected areas and the protected   historical monuments

g) Forms of ownership and legal circulation of land;

h) Specifying the conditions for location and compliance of built, arranged and planted volumes.

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