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The public-private partnership is a contractual agreement between a public agency and a private sector entity.Through this agreement, the skills and assets of each sector (public and private) are shared in providing a service or facility for the general public. In addition to resource sharing, each party shares the potential risks and benefits in delivering services and / or facilities.

⇒ The principles of PPP in Republic of Moldova are:

✔ Equality in attitude and choice of partners, impartiality and non-discrimination
✔ Transparency
✔ Balanced
✔ Compensation
✔ Cooperation
✔ Contractual freedoms

⇒ Public-Private Partnership Purposes

✔ Joint responsibility in the development of RM infrastructure
✔ Concession of objects of national interest for a period of maximum 50 years
✔ Accumulation of capital sources
✔ Attracting foreign and local investment
✔ Creating fair competition on the product and service market

⇒ Sector PPP priorities

✔ Energy:
- Developing the energy sector from traditional and alternative sources
✔ Transport:
- Road rehabilitation and maintenance
- Public transport
✔Business Infrastructure
- Industrial parks
✔ Municipal utilities
- Constructions
- Modernization of aqueducts and sewerage networks
✔ IT Field
✔ Agricultural  Sector
✔ Financial-banking Sector

⇒ Strategies

✔ Reduce development risk
✔ Reducing capital investment risks
✔ Mobilization of unused assets
✔ Improving the business environment
✔ Streamline cost
✔ Diversification of community services
✔ Creating jobs
✔ Attract new technologies and implement them

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