Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies represent the analysis of ideas viability.  All activities on the feasibility study are directed for determining the weak points or  impossibilities for project progress, for  a certain location or time to avoid the amalgam of the risks that can get along.

The purpose of feasibility study is to give a first overview of the main aspects of the project which are going to start. The usefulness of this study consist in identification the issues that could hamper the success of the project.

Feasibility study evaluate the project potential for success. The objectivity perceived in this assessment is an important factor for its credibility in front  of investors or creditors, which may require such a study, but is primarily important to the entrepreneur, who needs real information, and not a false consolidation of his dreams.

Training in Project Management

Project management consists of applying the knowledge, capabilities, tools and techniques specific to the activities of a project, which have objectives, aims, well-defined  requirements which refers to time, costs, quality and parameters of performance, activities deemed important and appropriate for funding. Time, cost, quality and performance are constraints for the project. 

Success Consulting organizes courses that address whose who   managing  the projects, but want to update their information and exchange experience with the trainer and with others, as well as whose who want to later initiate this challenge in the future.

Abilities and skills

✔ Knowledge and skills of project management that will help you in any kind of activity, in the company's internal projects or in projects with external financing;
✔ Improved skills to manage all project resources, risk management and communication with project stakeholders.

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