Trainings in Project Management

The main types of studies:

1. Product Testing
2. Package Testing;
3. Setting the optimal price range for consumers and competitors;
4. Segmentation of the market; 
5. Omnibus (data collection through outsourcing to specialized companies).

Success Consulting conduct qualitatives  researches about final consumer and business to business. Based on detailed and creative discussions with the client, we choose and personalize  the methodology and type of qualitative research. 

Areas of application:

1. Branding studies;
2. Evaluating the media channels used;
3. Packaging tests
4. Comparative studies about services and competitors' products;
5. The consumer behavior;


1. Detailed interviews
2. Observation;
3. Blind Test;
4. Mystery shopping (employees or competitors)

Business to business research helps you understand how to better promote products and services to decision-makers in target companies.

The main types of studies:

1. Opinions and recommendations  from  personalities  regarding a new project IN Republic of Moldova 
2. Database of potential clients with customized fields and presales;
3. Databases with vendors with customized fields;
4. Sector Studies

The success of B2B research consist in professionalism with you contact and receive information from decizional people from target interviewed companies.

Success Consulting has the good experience in that field, using professional analysts and also an important  network with decizional people.


1. Interview face to face with decision makers
2. Telephone interviews followed by email if applicable for personalized field databases

Industry research is closely linked to the start-up consultancy services that Succes Consulting provides. With the help of these studies, we assist our clients in making decisions about marketing and sales strategy.

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