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Action plan to promote the locality

The action plan to promote the locality will include highervalorisation of tourism by modernizing, restoring, preserving anddeveloping the marketing component.

The purpose of plan: to identify the promotion means of localitythrough prioritization

The plan will follow the image communication which will suggest theoriginality of touristic products, synthesising the peculiarities related tothe tourism potential, the conception of the arrangement, the possibilitiesof practicing the tourism, the socio-cultural context.

The promotion has the very important role in tourists atracting and ininforming them the opportunities of business and recreation. The localitypromotion is made by a lot of specific methods, means and materialswhich should respect a series of rules.

Working steps:

The arrival of experts and assesment of the locality

Collecting data by analyzing the situation at the scene (minimum 1day)

Analysis of collected and identified data

Identifying promotional opportunities

Realization of the plan with pictures and sketches proposals(including estimated costs)


*The plan is carried out for 2 months

*The cost will be assessed by the specialists according to the number ofthe population in the locality including the assessed area

*The plan is carried out by 2-5 experts

*After the Plan execution, investors and donors will be confident of theirinvestments and their sustainability

Promoting and attracting tourists in the locality is a difficultprocess, but it also matters what happens after they have reachedtheir opinion, seeing other people's recommendation to visit yourlocality.