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The strategy has the purpose to establish the durable developmentpremises of touristics actvities, through using potential ofered by teritorydiversity (geodiversity, biodiversity ) and natural and anthropogenicresources for equilibrate and durable develompent of national territory,regional and local, on the one hand, and for consolidation and promotingterritorial identity and local brend in national and international context,on the other hand, in order to transform tourism into a factor ofeconomic growth.

The fundamental objective is the affirmation of local, regional andnational identity:increasing, protection, development and valorisationof the culturaland natural heritage, competitiveness and sustainabledevelopment.

Working steps:

The arrival of experts and assesment of the locality

Assesment of touristic potential

Questioning the inhabitants

Collecting data by analyzing the situation at the scene (minimum 1 day)

Realization of Development Tourism Strategy

Presentation - Development Tourism Strategy


*The plan is performed in 2 month

*The cost will be evaluated by specialists according to the number of thepopulation in the locality including the assessed area

*The plan is realised by 2-5 specialists

*After plan execution, the investitors and donors will be confident of itsinvestments and sustainability

Tourism is one of the few engines to save heritage and create jobs thatcontribute directly to local development