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Identification and description of touristic event

An artistic event consist of many artistic events, with a duration ofseveral days, in which artists are performing or artistic works thatusually have a common theme. So, there are many historical,cultural,artistic, crafts, religious festivals. The term is also used to design a seriesof non-art events such as flower, tomato, beer and other festivals.

The purpose of these actions: to promote the development andprosperity for a long period of time for locality, to promote culturalvalues and life quality, to identify the means of intervention forinfrastructure upgrading, to support economic growth in a healthy andclean environment, to harness the local human potential.

Identification and description of festioval represent the action plan forinitiating and development of some large-scale events, which will bringadded value to the benefit of the community by PROMOTING thelocality, habits, the natural and cultural landscape, and it is also anopportunity to carry out other projects.

Working steps:

The arrival of experts and assesment of the locality

Assesment of the locality

Collecting data by analyzing the situation at the scene (minimum 1day)

The actual realization of the actions related to the organization offestivals

Developing the concept, program and budget estimate


*The action plan for identifying and describing an event is madewithin 6 weeks

*The cost is set in dependence on the locality

*The plan is realised by 2-5 experts

*Budgeting and planning are done with calculations, includingconcrete contacts

Promoting and attracting investment is much more real when Isbased on the qualitatively organized event.